Import of Record manages every step of the import process, saving you time and resources while ensuring timely delivery of your goods.

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An Importer of Record (IOR)/Exporter of Record (EOR) is an entity or an individual who is accountable for all entry and exit related documents required by customs, looks into the product classification and payment of duties/taxes and fulfilling any other import or export obligations.

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Delivered Goods

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Our services streamline every aspect of your trade journey, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.

Import and Export Management

Import and Export Management

Our team of experts handles all aspects of the import and export process, including documentation, customs clearance, and shipping.
Compliance Consulting

Compliance Consulting

We provide comprehensive consulting services to ensure that your shipments comply with all relevant regulations and customs procedures.
Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Our freight forwarding services include air, sea, and land transportation, ensuring that your shipments arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition.
Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

We offer secure, state-of-the-art warehousing facilities and distribution services that ensure your shipments are stored and transported safely and efficiently

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